This includes the door leaf and a frame. They are factory machined for 4 x 100x75mm steel hinges and a full case heavy sprung latch, bath locks or key lock.

The set comes as a kit which is assembled on site.

The doors come in two standard heights: 1981 and 2040 and can be combined with widths of 610,626,686,726,762,813,838,926.

Non Fire-doors are 40mm and Fire-doors are 44mm.

The doors can come primed (for on site painting) or they can come pre-finished in the factory in 6 different colours: White, Black, Dark Grey, Mid Grey, Light Grey and Ammonite

To determine the door size from the structural opening, the size of the opening should be at least 45mm larger on the leaf height measured from finished floor level and no less than 70mm larger on the width.

For double doors its the door leaf x 2 plus 73mm on width and the height is still 45mm

For door leaf size of 1981×762 the structural opening should be no less than 1981+45 = 2026 and 762+70 = 832.

The gaps between the frame and the wall can be filled with wooden shims or plastic packers and foam. 

These gaps are hidden behind the architrave once it is fitted.

We have developed a unique frame that comes with an extension piece that can be modified on site to suit wall thicknesses from 80-290mm. This will enable you to order the Door-set even though the exact wall thickness may not be known.


There are 5 designs in 2 sizes: 94x25mm and 70mm x 25mm.

There are 4 designs of door handle that come in 5 different finishes: Antique Brass, Dark Bronze, Satin Brass, Polished Nickel and Satin Nickel.

They come with matching bathroom turn & releases and escutcheons and euro cylinders for the locking doors.

Below are images of the handles:


The door sets comes with 4 x 100x75mm steel fire rated butt hinges that are available in a choice of 5 colours.

We use full case latches, bathroom locks and sash locks. These can come in the 5 different finishes to match our handles and hinges.

Images of these are below:

The doors are constructed of solid MDF for the 40mm doors and the 45mm fire doors have a solid core interior with MDF faces

The weight of a 40mm door 2040×838 is 47KG (7.5 st), the 45mm fire door weight 55Kg (8.7 st).

Watch how easy it is to install our door sets...